Thursday, January 12, 2012

Poem: December 28th

December 28th
On this date in 1612
Galileo first observed Neptune.
It is also the date
Of our old babysitter’s birthday,
The one who drew perfect copies
Of Pooh Bear and Tigger,
Important constellations
In our young son’s galaxy
Of imaginary childhood friends.
A mother herself now,
She’s busy shaping her own son’s world,
Filling it with dreamy constellations of his own.

On our orbit around the mountain today,
Years now since babysitters and Pooh,
Years now even since chaos ruled
Your teen years and worried us senseless,
(Houston, we have a problem),
We spoke with easy, relaxed voices,
Drenched in loving sunshine poured down
From our own benevolent star.
And your voice rang with the joy of
Celestial music when your mother said
“I don’t worry about you anymore.”

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