Sunday, January 8, 2012

Poem: Pay Attention

Pay Attention: Running the Johnson Ranch Trail 

If I pay attention
I will feel the uneven ground beneath me
massaging the ball of my foot
as I glide over stones, roots and mud
dried to ridged contours on the trail. 

If I pay attention
I will hear the increased rhythm of my breath
as I climb each gentle hill and rise
curve around each switchback
labor for each stretch of level ground. 

If I pay attention
I will see the green grass waving on the light breeze
the cool oak grove’s dappled shadows
the snowy egret poised beside a clear pond
a blue sky vaulted peacefully above. 

If I pay attention
I will smell aromatic sage beside the trail
the muddy seep from springs made active
by abundant December rains
the ocean salt on the wind from over the hill

If I pay attention
I will taste the honey on the clustered hives
in the meadow below the trail
the bitter sweetness of my own sweat as I run my tongue
around my dry but happy lips 

If I pay attention
my senses will tell my mind
be quiet  
pay attention.

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